Visa and RUT for foreign investors

Our team of lawyers will handle all the documents necessary to obtain the RUT, depending on the type of Visa you can apply for, so that you can focus completely on your new business.
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Obtaining visas

Who needs a visa in Chile?

In case you are planning to live or work for more than three months in Chile, you will need a residence visa. Residence permits are the temporary authorization to reside in Chile and develop the activities that are expressly contemplated by law and are granted at the discretion of the country's authority to a foreign person.

It doesn't matter if you come for work, to visit friends or for family matters. A visa will always be necessary, and it will depend on your particular situation which visa you can obtain.
Visa in Chile
Obtain an Investor RUT

How do I proceed to get an investor RUT?

In order for a foreigner or a person who wishes to make investments in our country, but who does not have a domicile or residence in Chile, to be able to do so, he must obtain an Investor's RUT granted by the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). It is the first procedure that a foreign person (natural or legal) must carry out in order to carry out any economic activity in Chile and therefore be part of a company, complying with all legal regulations. To obtain this routine, one must act through an administrator, representative or agent domiciled in Chile.

Our team of lawyers will generate all the necessary documentation to obtain it.
Obtain RUT
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