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Who needs a visa in Chile?

In case you are planning to live or work for more than three months in Chile, you will need a residence visa. Residence permits are the temporary authorization to reside in Chile and develop the activities expressly contemplated by law and are granted discretionally by the country's authority to a foreign person.

It does not matter if you are coming for work, to visit friends or for family matters. A visa will always be necessary, and it will depend on your particular situation which visa you can obtain.

How do I proceed to get an investor RUT?

Our mission is to passionately help young companies, entrepreneurs and SMEs in creating their companies, either by the traditional form of incorporation or by the system of your company in a day, providing the best advice from professionals.

We believe that anyone can be his or her own boss, if things are done in the right and informed way. That's why we support young entrepreneurs on their way to success with practical advice. With us, your business will be on the right track and you won't run into problems along the way. Start well accompanied.

Procedure to obtain the Rut for Foreign Investors

This procedure is established in Article 66 of the Tax Code, which states "All natural and legal persons and entities or groups without legal personality, but susceptible of being subject to taxes, which by reason of their activity or condition cause or may cause taxes, must be registered in the Single Tax Roll in accordance with the rules of the respective regulation".

In order to obtain this Investor's Rout for foreigners, which can be for individuals as well as for legal entities, it must be processed before the SII (Internal Revenue Service) corresponding to the domicile of the foreigner in our country and the formalities established by law must be complied with in order to obtain it.

Setting up a business as a secondary activity

Do start-ups work day and night on their company? Do founders build great companies? You read stories like this more often than not. It has little to do with the truth.In fact, hundreds of thousands of people start companies every year as a sideline.In plain language, this means that founders of start-ups first start with a few hours a week. For the most part, they continue to earn their money as employees. They want to try something. But without going straight to full risk.

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Follow these steps to create a company in Chile

Are you a foreigner and want to establish a company in Chile? Then follow these steps.

Obtain RUT as a foreign investor

All persons seeking to invest in Chile will be subject to pay taxes, so it is necessary to assign a Unique Tax Number (RUT) also known internationally as TAX ID. To obtain a RUT as a foreigner - individual or company - it is required to grant a power of attorney to a Chilean person.

Offerte zur Firmengründung berechnen
Create a company

There are many ways in which companies can be organized in the country to start activities. From non-profit organizations to corporations with stock exchange presence. Local legislation seeks to recognize different structures for different needs that may arise.

Firmendaten zur Firmengründung erfassen
Defining a tax strategy

Once the RUT has been obtained and the most convenient corporate structure has been chosen, it is recommended to request a report on how the future profits generated by the company will be taxed. It is also important to determine what tax will be paid in the eventual sale of the property (shares or rights) of the company.

Kontakt zur Firmengründung aufnehmen

Obtain the public deed

Once the corporate structure and tax strategy have been defined, the investor's representatives will sign a corporate charter. This deed defines the form of administration, capital, domicile, line of business, among other precepts of the parent company. The articles of incorporation of the company must be notarized before a notary public for its registration.
Un resumen (extracto) de la escritura pública debe ser publicado en el Diario Oficial e inscrito en el Registro de Comercio dentro de 60 días.

Dokumente zur Firmengründung prüfen

Tax regularization of the company

Once the public deed has been obtained, published in the official gazette and registered in the Commercial Registry, it is necessary for the legal representative of the company to appear before the Internal Revenue Service (Servicio de Impuestos Internos).

This, for the purpose of obtaining RUT and starting activities for such purposes, some documents must be submitted.

With these documents, it is necessary to file Form 4415 for the commencement of activities. This form informs the economic activities that the company will carry out in the country.

Unterschrift beglaubigen für die Firmengründung
Proof of domicile in the country

Once the company has completed all the previous steps, it must prove its domicile in the country through a lease or sublease contract. Once this is done, the company is authorized to issue invoices and other tax documents in Chile. The important thing now is to make the monthly tax returns in due time and form. Taking importance the advice of an accountant to make such filings in accordance with local legislation.

Firmengründung wird im Handesregister eingetragen
Creation of the company

The incorporation of a foreign company in Chile has become a simple procedure, if we add to this fact the tax benefits such as the corporate tax reduced to a rate of 10%, Chile is presented as an excellent option to invest in Latin America.

With us you can count on quality representatives and advisors in the country, with experience in the use of all tax and corporate benefits that can be accessed.

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